The utility of the Jmove token

The use cases for Jmove utility tokens will constantly evolve over the next few years. Here are some of its initial functionalities.
The NFT Hero Creation Studio will allow users to create unique NFT Heroes in exchange for Jmove utility tokens. A Hero cannot gain new privileges once they have been turned into an NFT Hero.
The training room will allow users to train their NFT Hero by exchanging Jmove utility tokens for Hearts and Lightning Bolts.
Holders of Jmove utility tokens will be able to participate in special events based on their Level and thus gain early access to rare content and collectibles. In addition, holders will be able to receive discounts on subscriptions, personal and corporate challenge creation, digital items, upgrades and brand placements.

Token specification:

Name :
Symbol :
Type :
Utility token
Contract :
Will be announced when the token is created
Blockchain :
Ethereum / Polygon
Token standard :
Decimals :
Maximum number of tokens :